HRFN supports handbook to encourage new human rights film festivals

The Human Rights Film Network (HRFN) supports the 2nd edition of the handbook Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival.Coordinated by the team of the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Prague (Czech Republic) this handbook functions as a practical guide to support enthusiastic, fresh and future festival organizers by introducing them to the how’s and what’s of organizing a human rights film festival. The HRFN is convinced that this handbook will prove itself as a valuable resource for start-up film festivals aiming to contribute to social justice and human rights around the world.The handbook offers practical advice and tips on how to raise funds; how to promote your festival and attract new audiences; what to consider when you are dealing with censorship and security issues; and how to organize debates. These chapters draw upon the experience of many network members, whose stories are presented in engaging and informative case studies. For instance, the Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan shares its experiences with security challenges and networking in the Arab world. The festival Ciné Droit Libre in Burkina Faso presents their mobile cinema activities to connect to new audiences in rural or marginalized communities. And the international film festival Truth, Memory and Justice in Guatemala sketches the lessons-learned of a team organizing a film festival in the context of a recent history of violence and a strong aversion against the human rights narrative.In addition to the active contribution of many HRFN members, the network provides a grant of € 500 to support the publication and dissemination of the handbook.The HRFN aims to assist the emergence and establishment of new, independent film festivals. This new and improved handbook is a valuable contribution to this mission. One World plans to launch the handbook on the 25th of November during the network brunch of the Human Rights Film Network at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

The Human Rights Film Network supports the 2nd edition of the handbook "Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival".