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Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

Seoul Human Rights Film Festival

South Korea, Seoul


Since 1996 Seoul Human Rights Film Festival (SHRFF) aims to raise public awareness for human rights issues through film. It is a highly anticipated event that screens excellent films from all over the world, presenting human rights issues in diverse ways.

SHRFF is a nonprofit organization, completely independent from authority -the government as well as corporations. Of the various aims and achievements of SHRFF, it may be said that the expansion and practice of Freedom of Expression has been the most important and challenging one thus far. Despite regulations that require preliminary review, rating, and state approval before public screening, SHRFF has refused to apply for state permission to present its films.

Since 1996, the festival has shown about 460 films, all of which have been screened without preliminary submission to ratings authorities. We have continued this practice with fierce conviction, despite the pressure to submit to authority review, as well as coercive state actions such as the SHRFF director's arrest in 1997. In a society where the vast majority of films are screened for commercial, rather than social justice or educative purposes, SHRFF is dedicated to presenting films that challenge oppressive norms, political power, and human rights abuses.

We insist on outdoor screening, since it has become impossible for us since 2008 to rent a theater for the festival without the recommendation of the Korean Film Council. Therefore, we have decided to show our films outdoors where we can show the films without recommendation from the government. We hope this festival will contribute to the upholding of freedom of expression in this society.


1 June 2017 - 4 June 2017


South Korea, Seoul

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21 February 2017

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